Our Anemic View of The Gospel: Part 2 of 3


Why Jesus?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever wanted more from the Gospel than a reminder that Jesus made our way to heaven? We know that Jesus died on the cross, we know he cleared us of our sins, but there has to be more. Jesus’ sacrifice was enormous, but the gravity of what Jesus did goes far beyond whether you and I end up in heaven or hell. The book that gives us a glimpse into the bigger story of the Gospel is Leviticus.

Leviticus: Useless Instruction Manual or Valued Resource?

Leviticus can be the most useful or the most useless book in all of scripture and it’s up to you to determine which. If you view scripture as your instruction manual, then this book has no purpose for you. But when you realize that scripture is first and foremost God’s revelation of himself to you, then Leviticus becomes a vital resource. It is Leviticus that teaches us about the holiness of God.

I’ve mentioned the tabernacle a time or two; it was the place in which God dwelled among the people. I’ll say it again—among the people. God, who is holy and separate from us, came and settled in among us. Leviticus tells us how he did it. Leviticus shows us just how holy God is; it reveals his identity. In order for this holy God to take up residence among us, He needed a tabernacle pure enough to be his dwelling place.

God Makes His People Clean Enough to Be His Dwelling Place

God longed to be more tangible to his people. He wanted to reveal himself in a way that would allow us to see his holiness and establish lasting intimacy with him. Hebrews 9 refers to “the earthly tabernacle.” Jesus came so we could be the tabernacle; so that God could reveal himself in the ultimate way and dwell in us forever. Jesus’ death was the cleansing of God’s house so he can live in our midst and have relationship with us. No more rituals. No more sacrifices. After Jesus died, his resurrection was God’s way of saying “I got this.”In other words, “I relate to you, I am with you, I’ve got this.”

It’s About What’s Happening Today

So you are the tabernacle and I’m the tabernacle and God is dwelling in the tabernacle today because Jesus cleansed us once and for all. We get to spend eternity in heaven and hell isn’t our future and that’s all very good news, but it isn’t the good news. Hear me friends, if you are walking through life focused on what will happen at the end, you have missed the point. Jesus came so we could participate in what God is doing today, so we could be part of the kingdom of God right this minute.

This changes everything.

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